Smart City-Review- A Suresh Gopi Film

Smart City
Suresh Gopi

  • Cast – Suresh Gopi, Siddhique, Gopika, Jayasurya
  • Director – B Unnikrishnan

Madhavan is a name that brings the entire city of Kochi to its knees. Nothing happens in the city without his knowledge. His friends are in awe of his power. His enemies are afraid of him. Madhavan was a destitute who was raised on the streets. His only relative in this entire world is his younger sister. Madhavan was 12 when he first stepped into the underworld activities. Chandrashekar was his mentor and gold smuggling marked his debut. Chandrashekar raised both him and his younger sister as his own kids.

Soon, Madhavan becomes a bigger don than Chandrashekar himself!

He finds a very capable enemy in the new police officer, Arun Nambiar. Nambiar had vanquished an entire terrorist group in the North before coming to Kochi and taking charge.

The cat-and-mouse game and mutual respect for each other begins

Screenplay writer Balakrishnan makes his debut as a director with this f

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