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Sneha can be glamorous and character transformable too,She has did a lots of good films like Autograph,recently did another film named Raman thediya seethai with CHeran,Even though she seems to have a dark complexion actually she is that white to look hot herself.Snehas latest film was pandi in which she exposed her navel and all in a hot song and which made restless the sneha fans,Sneha did another small but a god role in the film Naan Avan Illai whose second part starring the same hero is gonna release soon and the other actress pairing him in the movie are Shwetha Menon,Hema Malini,Sangeetha, etc and some photo shots was out in which Shwetha menon appeared the most wearing a micro miniskirt showing her thighs and all,Sneha mainly got attraction in the first part through the hit song En ENakku Mayakkam,Anyways lets hope hat the movie will rock the box office.Sneha came into the movie industry through the Malayalam movie Ingane oru nilapakshi which was a flop later she entered the Tamil movies and created lots of hits lke paarthale paramasivam,parthiban kanavu in which she got the award for the best actress as a film fare,she also did kuselan and all as a guest appearance,She later did a Malayalam movie named thuruppugulan with the mega star Mammooty and recently Sneha videos are getting demand.New projects of sneha are baana,All the best which is a Malayalam movie,Autograph 2 etc.

Sneha has now an age of 28 but still looks young on looking back neha hasn’t exposed that much and can be called as an actress who did lots of films in which she had to prove her caliber yet she is called Sneha.Sneha s new  project is with Vikram who is waiting for his next mega release Kanthaswamy in which Shriya pairs him.Kanthaswamy songs were out recently and songs are said to be average,Anyways coming to the mater sneha is gonna act i that project in which vikram does a double role and the music is done by A R Rahman.No doubt that movie is a mega budget as vikram is now doing only 1 mega budget movie in 2 years,the producer of the hit Suriya-Asin movie VEL is the producer.

Now coming to the hot factors,Sneha is also having a hot relation with a business magnet  in tamilnadu(Not official reports),she also had a broke up with nag ravi another millionaire another news was that she was having relation with someone related to Saravana STores(May be a gossip that Sneha acted lots of ads for Saravana Stores).Snehas new film Achchamundu Achchamundu gave he that popularity in Telugu that when she went to watch the movie in a theater ,after the movie the audience gathered around her with lt’s of applause and took lots of mobile pictures of her also gave lots of shake hands,Anyways somehow Sneha manage to get out of the crowd.

As mentioned above that Sneha did a role with the superstar Rajinikanth in the flop movie kuselan,Her dream came true,it was her life wish to act with Rajinikanth even though a small role she made her presence it Style mannan in  the movie.Other who paired rajinikanth were Nayanthara and all,Nayanthara had songs in Kuselan in which one song  named “Charal” was just made to expose the figure of Nayanthara and which all acted a s reason for the failure of Kuselan,Another beautiful Malayalam movie was remade to its worse (Kueslan was the remake of the Malayalam movie Kadha Paayumbol).Anyways sneha is the one the best actress alive in Tamil film industry lets hope for her best performance in the movie Autograph 2.

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