Sneha Ullal hot photos

Sneha Ullal is now much recognized actress in Bollywood,She was born and brought up in Muscat.She is now 22 years old.Sneha Ullal did her college life in Mumbai and via her friend Sneha Ullal was noticed by Salman Khan and which led her to pair with him in Hindi movie Lucky.Sneha ullal was just 18 at that time,in that movie she appeared like a cute girl.Later she did a bunch of Hindi films namely Kaash mere ho Sakthe, and is presently doing one named click by harish Nayar.Sneha ullal recently appeared in her Telugu movie.Sneha Ullal hot photos became very much popular.She is doing a Tamil film named Current at present. Sneha Ullal’s Similarities with Aishwarya Rai made her popular ,she also have traces of Dia Mirza in her.Anyways for those who dont know her ,here are some Sneha Ullal pictures.

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