Some hot simran Gossips and Photogallery

Simran was once the most hottest actress in South India,SImran had an awesome figure and did expose it to the maximum in films like Indraprastham,Vaali etc.She recently did a come back movie in malayalam named Heartbeats in Malayalam movies.She says that its her proper exercise being an actress that simran maintains her body that beautifully.

Simrans Rivalry with Aishwarya rai is very famous,As all know Aishwarya Rai is not at all good with other co actress so as to simran  that once there was a scene in a a tail film that Aishwarya Rai had to slap simran,and she really gave a hard slap to simran and provoked simran fought with Ash and the project was dropped out.Recently another news was the withdrawal of simran as the assistant director of manirathnam in the new film RAVANA as aishwarya rai was the heroine.

Anotehr hot gossips of simran is that her hot song from Sundar C ‘s new film Aindham padai in which the censor board said that SImran exposed to the maximum and the film must be given A Aindham padai Devayani was the co actres of simran anyways the uncut version of the song  is not released till yet,hot scenes of simran were removed and the movie thus over come the problem of A certificate

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1. Simran Old Photos and Pictures – In this gallery a set of 9 old photos and pictures of Simran is presented. You still fantasy that charming, vibrant, hot Simran ? Here is your chance to see those young Simran once again!

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  1. D.V. Ranga Rao September 3, 2009 / 7:46 pm

    Simi Very Hard Actor Very, Very No.1. Heroine.

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