Sonal Chauhan in Saree Photos and Pictures


Sonal Chauhan might not be that popular in Tamil movies,but popular that much in Bollywood through her debut movie in Hindi ‘Jannat’ with Emraan Hashmi.She also did a Telugu movie named Rainbow,here new Kannada movie is ‘Cheluveye Ninna Nodalu’.Sonal Chauhan was born on 16 May 1985  in UP,aged 28 years and 5 feet 8 inches tall.Sonal Chauhan’s performance and looks in Jannat  gave her good attention that she might grow up more in Bollywood. Sonal Chauhan is also well known for her figure beauty also.She started her career as a model,after that she came to the film industry.Her latest released movie is  ‘3G’.In this gallery you 6+ Photos and Pictures of Sonal Chauhan in Saree.


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