SubramaniaPuram-A combination of different new talents


Subramaniapuram,the movie came into the news around 1 month before.The song Kangal Irandal was so good to attract the audience,and there was no need of publicity.Later the trailer was out and the heroic appearances with beards gave the signs of a good movie.And the movie got a good initial pull at the theaters.And presently the movie SubramaniaPuram is rocking the box office,even with a new director,script writer,producer,Music Director,Actors,Actress!

So thats why i gave the title as a combination of different talents

What is the movie?


Dont be misleaded by the song KANGAL IRANDAL ,it is not at all a lovestory but a story of 3 friends in a violent manner(Blood Shed).Love is just an element in the movie.It tells a stroy in the 1980’s.And it also gives as the wonderful message

“One who take the Sword will be finished by the sword”


The movie is made brilliantly,the direction and script are outstanding,Acting and music are also superb.All in all it is difficult to find a fault to this movie.The village is portrayed as in 80’s.The movie is very much subject oriented and perfect as far as the subject is concerned.


A must watch movie so giving 4.0/5

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