Sunaina New Photos and Pictures

Sunaina was born on 17 April 1989 .Now she is a busy actress and much popular cute one in Tamil film industry after her 2 box office hits- ‘Kadhalin Vizhuthen and Masilamani’ both with boys fame Nakul,both films hit the box office and are added to 2009 Tamil hits list but ,before the Kadhalil Vizhuthen project she had signed and acted  to another film named ‘Madhan’ with Jai Akash starring .she is feared that her image will get spoiled if this film releases.So, she tries to stop this film or cut those scenes.The film is  released in the year 2010.Her latest released movie is ‘Samar’ in the year 2013.In this gallery you can find out 9+ New Photos and Pictures of Sunaina.

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