Sunny Leone Signs Ragini MMS Sequel

American based pornstar sunny leone is climbing up the wall very fast than anyone in the group of new faces.she has entered through reality show big boss and instantly signed by mahesh bhatt for jism ekta kappor has signd her for home productions movie ragini mms 2 sequel to horror film ragini mms which was silent hit back in 2010.ekta said that sunny would be the perfect cast for the role.she would fit into the character very well than others in the industry.the sequel would be much scarier,sexier than the 1st film says the producer.1st one was was loosely based on real life incident of a delhi girl as dis one be would too based on real life incidents.sunny would be committed to this project as soon as she completes much hyped jism 2 which is set to release this can hope this one would be glamorous than jism 2  and the prequel of ragini mms.

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