Swathi Photos

Swathi was the heroine of Subramiapuram,She got lots of applause for the movie,But she wasnt able to continue that momentum.Later on what swathi got was simply Cameo Roles.And the latest news is that Swathi is singing for a movie named 100% Love ,and the music director is DeviShri Prasad,who has the hobby of making actress to sing,perfect example is Mamtha Mohandas who sang the song Daddy mummy in Villu and became a big singer too!! Anyways lets check out whether Swathi also will reach as a big singer.The new movies of Swathi are,Kandireega,Golconda High School,Katha Screenplay Darshakatvam Appalaraju,Mirapakaay etc.here are some Swathi Photos,Swathi hot stills.

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