T.Rajender,his new camera and Oru Thalai Kadhal

T.Rajender , a famous film director and the father of the famous Tamil film star Chimbu announced his new project Oru Thalai Kadhal.

He is called the one man army of cinema.Usually when he commence a film, it is sure that he will be handling many departments especially Direction,Music,Script and most importantly Acting too!!!.

He is also famous for making films according to the current trends.

There is a story behind the camera of this story also.

He liked red cameras on watchin the bilingual movie “Unnai pol Oruvan” (  Dr.Kamalahasan movie) and actually thought of going for one in his new film.

His son Chimbu told him all the details of the new camera S12K and its uses.

being impressed by the reviews he mailed  an asian dealer and the dealer sent him some videos taken with the camera.

He liked the videos and ordered one worth 75 Lakhs.

And this camera is being used in his newly commenced film Oru Thalai Kadhal.

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