Kolaveri goes Newyork

Aishwarya’s 3 has been picked for Indian Film Festival in New York.3 stars Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan in the lead and is directed by Dhanush’s wife Aishwarya Dhanush.3 is famous for its kolaveri song which created waves in you-tube but it didnt save the film becoming a flop.Other 2 Tamil films selected for screening are Aadukalam and Azhagar Sami Kuthirai.Aishwarya and dhanush is leaving to New York to participate in the festival.On this occasion she said,” It gives me pleasure that my film 3 is being screened in the Film Festival in New York. They are to honour me in this festival since I am debutant director. I am happy that my film is being screened at the
International level.”

Dhanush expecting a big kolaveri in hindi

Kolaveri di , song may be a huge hit all over india especially in Tamil Nadu but the film wasn’t a high flyer in Tamil Nadu. The makers wasn’t able to convert the Kolavaries success into the film . The film was positively received by critics but there was huge expectation from the fasn but they were not satisfied  with the outcome . The film was directed by Dhanush’s wife , Aishwarya . Dhanush has blamed editing for the poor outcome but his hopes are high as he has said that this problem would be splved in the hindi version of the film , which is to be released next month . Kamal Hasan would be the first one that would be giving necessary advice this time for hindi version in editing . The film stars Shruti Hassan along with Dhasnuh as lead actress .

Dhanush’s Kolaveri All Set To Release

Which is the most celebrated or enjoyed song ever released in India ..??

There would be only one answer .. Why This Kolaver in Film 3 .
Yes, the film 3 , is all set to release this March 30 . Film is Directed by Aiswarya Rajani and Produced by Kasturi Raja . This is Aiswarya’s first directorial venture and lucky to direct her husband , Dhanush in the first film itself . Shruti Hasan, Daughter of Universal Hero , Kamalahasn is casted opposite to Dhanush .Kolaveri was leaked in Internet but was a sudden hit . So the film makers officially released the song in You Tube making the most searched video in you tube in India making more than 20 million viewers withing 28 days of release . The Kolaveri was largely celebrated by youth in India . So the hype of the film got sky high with a single film . The film is made with a budget of 20 crore and would be released all over India .fans of the song hope that the film would maintain the buzz of the song . 3 is a tamil romantic movie .