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Amisha Patel, as well know her as the “Kaho Na Pyar Hain” girl who debuted with none other than Hrithik Roshan. In this gallery, we feature 6+ Amisha Patel Images and Stills sourced from a variety of photo shoots. Amisha had a stint of success in Bollywood for a short period. But she failed to retain her success! However she still manages to maintain a spot in B-Town. So watch and share these 6+ images and stills of actress Amisha Patel.

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Amisha patel looking hot in Churidar

Amisha patel is getting older ,she is now 35 years old.years passed away since she debuted in Kaho Na pyar hai with hrithik roshan.Amisha patel new movies are Run Bhola Run ,Power,Chatur Singh Two Star,Param veer Chakra etc.Amisha patel has also starred in a vijay movie Puthiya geethai and in telugu movie named naani in which her hot scenes are famous.Amisha patel hot photos in a black churidar.

After watching Deepika Padukone’s movie Break Ke Baad ,Amisha patel shooted some words about her break up with boyfriend Kanav puri.Amisha patel said she is very happy with her single life and will be concentrating on her new movie further.
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amisha patel new photos

here are some of hot photos of hindi actress amisha patel at vero moda fashion show.

she was looking hot and stunning in the show even though she is 34.  she debuted in kahoo naa pyaar hai with hrithik roshan in 2000 which was a world wide hit movie.she had quite a number of good movie to the list like kranti, humraaz, mangal pandey etc.

she is now acting in hindi movies like run bola run with govinda and  chatur singh two star with sanjay datt a film inspired from the pink panther of steve martin.

Amisha Patel with Boyfriend

Amisha Patel was born on 9 June 1976 in Mumbai.She is one of the beautiful actress of Bollywood.It seems that now a days Amisha is quiet get outside of Hindi Film Industry.Amisha Patel is one among the glamorous actress of Bollywood.Her superb performance as the heroine of Hrithil in the movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai made her a great break through in the Bollywood. Amisha Patel is become very famous and most searched Bollywood actress of that time by her success in debut movie.After the great success of her debut movie, she never got much success or break through in her career.These days Amisha Patel is step back as supporting roles in the movies.Her latest released movie is ‘Shortcut Romeo’.In this gallery you can find out 7+ Photos of Amisha Patel with Boyfriend.

Amisha Patel wallpapers

Amisha Patel is now the shadow of her as far as considered the time after being Kaho Na Pyar hai was released,She came to the bollywood movie industry through the TV show Ek Se Badkar Ek,Kaho Na Pyar hai followed her with Hrithik to Ap mujhe Ache lagne laga etc hindi movies,But none of the worked out.Amisha patel pictures were on great demand after the release of Kaho Na Pyar Ha.Presently she only have two hindi movies at hand namely Run Bhola Run and Govinda,Celina Jaitely etc.Another one is Chatur Singh Two star with Sanjay Dutt.Kareena kapoor also came by the time Amisha Patel arrived but now kareena is the toppest heroines in bollywood and her new movie Kurbaan is all set ready for release.What made amisha patel to drop such way?It must be the less talent in her,by the time kareena kapoor was more looking talented.Or in other words Amisha didnt get a role to expose her Career.Other actress like Neha Dhupia and all are still trying to survive as Katrina kaif hot,leads the industry.Amisha patel wallpapers.Anyways lets hope the best for this 33 year old hot actress with a tamil movie or hindi movie which is enough gonna prove her caliber.