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Archana kavi is Delhi  born south indian actress .She was predominant in malayalam film industry.She made her debut in Malayalam movie’ Nelaathamara’ directed by Lal Jose and Script by the veteran poet M T Vsudevan Nair.The movie was a hit and she got many oppertunities from Malayalam Film industry.  But she was very selective and choosing films.Till now she acted in 10 films .She made her debut in tamil movie  in 2010.Now she had a dozen malaylam projects in hands and she is acting in a telugu movie also. Check out the latest phots of the Archana Kavi.


Archana Kavi Hot Photos

Archana Kavi is a Malayalam actress who was born and brought in Kerala . He started her carrier by acting in Neelathamara , Malayalam film directed by Lal Jose . The film was scripted by M T Vasudevan Nair . Archani Kavi is now acting in Tamil films also . She got a good role in Aaravan , directed by Vasaanthabalan . She also got a good role in Mummy and Me which released in 2010 . Kunchakko Boban was the hero in that movie . The movie was a hit . Archana kavi is now busy with acting in new Malayalam film , Horizon .

Archana Kavi new photoshoot

The neelathamara girl did a new hot photoshoot recently,which appealed her fans.  New upcoming movies of Archana Kavi are Aaravaan,Horizon etc.Archana Kavi is also debuting in tamil next year.As ARchana is just 21 years ols,she got a great career ahead.check out these new photos of Archana KAvi.

Archana Kavi photos

Archana kavi is someone malayayalis and all the malluu directors are eagerly looking over,all the kerala movie fans are eagerly waiting for someone who can act brilliantly after Meera Jasmine.After Meera lots of others like Roma,Samvrutha etc came but didnt make that mark.Archana kavi came through the malayalam movie directed by Lal jose who is one of the top directors available in Kerala,so that she acted good in Neelathamara.Rima kallingal is another actress who keeps the same hope.Archana Kavi acted in Mummy and me after neelathamara,which also became a good hit in the box office.The next movie of Archana Kavi is with Kailesh and Asif Ali and along with Rima Kallingal and its directed by MA Nishad and its titled as BEST OF LUCK.

Malayalam Movie Best Of Luck photogallery

Best of Luck is the latest malayalam movie directed by M A nishad, the director of the Suresh Gopi-Pashupathy movie Vairam.In best of luck,the new youth hope or the 4 the generation youth-Asif Ali,Reema Kallingal(ritu fames) and archana kavi and Kailesh(Neelathamara fames) does the lead roles.URVASHI,the veteran actress also does an important role in the movie.According to director M A nishad,in the movie he tries to bring out the childishness of archana Kavi,smartness of RIMA KALLINGAL,Style of Asif Ali and friendliness of Kailesh.Some of photos from the movie best of luck are here,wait for more updates like photos,wallpapers and videos of the movie best of Luck.

Neelathamara wallpapers-Again a good movie season in malyalam?

After the long wait ,the movie Neelathamara is all ready for the release ,Neelathamara will be releasing this post november to take the hearts of Malayalam movie viewers.Neelathamara is the remake of Old Neelathamara of the 70s.The new Neelathamara script is written by the same Mt Vasudevan Nair.Kailash is the hero in Neelathamara and archana is the heroine in the movie.Along with them Reema Kallingal and Samvrutha Sunil also does major roles in neelathamara.Neelathamara songs are already out,to be frank another dong fest is done by Vidyasagar ,all are truly amasing songs which can take you back to the 70s.The script of Neelathamara is moulded with the present at the same time back to the 70’s.M T vasudevans another master piece after the giant hit movie Pazhassi Raja is gonna release soon.Pazhassi raja Video Trailer itself created great vibes,no doubt Neelathamara will be hit!