August 15-Mammotty movie trailer

August 15 is the sequel to the successful past Malayalam movie August 1 which was based on a story of a professional killer hired to kill the chief minister of kerala and how police comes to resist his Moves.The new movie August 15 has the same plot and police officer lead(Perumal by mammooty) but situations and surrounding is changed.August 1 was scripted by SN Swamy and directed by Sibi malayil.August 15 is directed by Shaji kailas and is scripetf by the same S N Swamy,the movie will be hitting soon.Chechk out the video trailer of August 15.August 15 Malayalam photos

August 15-Mammotty-Meghna Raj exclusive movie Gallery

Its sequel fever in malayalam,August 15 is the latest addon to it.August 15 is the sequel to old mammotty movie august 1 which was a good hit and was directed by Siby malayil.This time Shaji kailas is directing the movie with script written by S.N swamy.August 15 revolves around Perumal(mammotty) who is investigating a murder in Thiruvanathapuram.