Maanik Baashha To Speak Hindi

Rajinikanth’s critically and commercially successful film Baashha is all set to release in Hindi with colour restoration , DI correction , revamped new intermediate negative , new graphics for the title cards with digitalized streo sound and the 5.1 surround sound channel . Bhaasha is Rajanikanth’s one of the most successful film , released back in 1995 directed by Suresh Krishna . It cast includes Nagma , late Raghuvaran . It is an revised adaptation of Big B’s film hum . The film’s hindi rights had bought by producer Prasad Rao . Music is composed by Deva ib hindi version too . The hindi versions audio release will be in early may while Rao plans on rleasing the newly dubbed version by end of may .

Rajnikanth’s Baasha getting to hindi

rajnikanth photo

Baasha is being regarded as the most popular movie of Rajnikanth as well one of the biggest hits ever occured in the tamil movie industry.And the latest buzz is that After the success of ROBOT in hindi,Old basha is getting to hindi(dubbed) and relewaed.The producer said Rajni is well known to all Bollywoodians  and after the success of Robot(Which was the dubbed hindi version of  Endhiran) Rajni has got a great star value in bollywood and this is the best time for the release of Basha there.Producer added that new graphics and colour technology will be added to baasha.Lets wait and see how it works out in bollywood.