Dasavatharam-Ten avathars of Kamal Hassan

We are featuring the Ten different faces of Kamal Hassan which he has played in his latest movie  Dasavatharam. You know, Dasavatharam has got a mixed up reviews! You can read our review on Dasavatharam here. Just see the comments, its all mixed up. Someone says its great & someothers says damn flop…hehe! Anyways I am against the movie as far as script is concerned but I strongly admire the movie for Kamals performances, 1200 AD scenes, 10 unique faces etc. These all I have pointed out in m review. You can follow through.

What Kamal is saying about Dasavatharam?

He also has got a mixed up feedbacks but what stands out is as a performer Dasavatharam is a wonderful milestone in Kamals career. Kamal says like this “Many fans,critics & people called me & what all they have said is, they are going to watch the movie again to extract the maximum out of Kamals performance” So whatever may be the case, whether a flop or hit Dasavatharam is really an added milestone to Kamals career which will get noticed in Hollywood the Eden Gardens of world cinema.

Enjoy the TEN AVATHARS of Kamal in the film.

Dasavatharam-once again kamal fails on scripting!


Dasavatharam- the widely hyped kamalhassan movie! Finally it got released today. They say that it costed about Rs.100 Crore for the total project Dasavatharam. The hype created for this movie was amazing @ the same time it was not a wonder! Why should one wonder on the hype? because its a KamalHassan movie & after all he plays 10 characters on this movie (FIRST TIME IN HISTORY OF WORLD CINEMA).

Like everyother cine viewer me too had great expectations about this movie & with all hypes,assumptions & dreams I went to the theater today morning. Luckily I got tickets for matinee. Me along with my friends got into the theatre with an enthusiastic mind set for watching a Kamal movie! After some usual ads on theatre screen which is damn irritating when we are expecting a legendary class movie on screen finally it began. Certification of Dasavatharam has shown up on screen & appluses came with loud from audiences!

Everyone including me was keen on each shot & I have seen the camera focusing on a seashore with many boats & people. Second by second camera moves on & on and finally with a powerful animation (wonderful) it went to some very ancient age sets! yes! Kamal has recreated 1200 AD wonderfully. I must say I have not seen any movie with such a powerful (wonderful) begining. Hoo..What a kick start? Each & every shot, dialogue, sets,backgrounds everything simply amazing on these scenes of 1200AD. Sequences starting from hooking Kamal to the end of Kallaimattum song is beyond explanation. I must say, this is the most beautiful begining any movie can achieve!

After the sequences of 1200AD, movie grows slowly with incidents in 2004AD. Story goes on like this, Dr.Govind (kamals avathar) is a genious scientist in bio research lab of USA, where he & his team discovers a BIO-BOMB (a worm that multiplies in millions if got exposed to enviornment). Its highly disastrous so its obvious that evil forces will try to grab it. As usual some dreaded ones bribes head scientist of Dr.Govind for BIO-BOMB. Story begins & develops on the basis of the following events, where Dr.Govind steals BOMB for sake of humanity & villains trying to grab it back. Theres no point in discussing story here! But I will write the pluses & minuses of movie.

What all things attracted me?

1. The amasing begining of movie with a wonderfully re created 1200 AD & Kamal hassans mindblowing performances on these scenes.

2. Performance of Kamal as villain (hired professional killer from USA) Mr.Fletcher. This is simply a best one, because Kamal is really successful in performing like a hollywood chap with superb actions,fights,pace performances etc.

3. Make ups of all the ten AVATHARAMS! – Amaaaazing!!!! Hats off to Kamal for the hardwork & creativity shown in make ups. Best one is that of Mr.Fletcher (villain) & of George Bush (matches).

4. Fight scenes & many many shots requires applause.

5. Mallika Sherawat & her HOT performances! hehe….

What all things dissapointed me?

1. Bad scripting – I failed to find any relation from the begining to end. I ask, whats the role of those 10 characters in the movie? Whats the use Avathars like 7-feet tall man , Pop singer, Old lady etc etc!

2. Character of Asin is really irritating!. Asin has performed well as written on script, but I am asking Kamal why you have made Asins character & her dialogues so irritating? Is it the way a brilliant script should be weaved? I felt like watching a 3rd class movie on those scenes with Asin.

3. Second half of movie is utter waste! I wonder how a genius like Kamal can create such a shit second half for a movie with a brilliant start & a “not bad” 1st half. Actually 1st half is really superb,but still it has many nasty shit scenes that pulls me to comment a “not bad” instead of “awesome”

4. Very irritating Climax! I HAVE NO COMMENTS on this.hmmm!


Just go through the good & bads I have written. Now as a generalization I will say, I have not liked this movie. I have gone to the theater with a load of expectations but Kamal has dissapointed me completely. I excuse him only for that brilliant & amazing start of the movie. Otherwise, this movie ridicules your logic. I will say the second half of this movie is extreme bad & is so irritating many times.

Lets have a look @ where Kamal failed?

Simple-He has failed in weaving the script to a brilliant one! Script of dasavathaaram questions viewers logic in a high level! Major problem is, I have not even understood what Kamal has intended to say via this movie. Whats the use of characters like 7 feet tall man ,George Bush etc etc? Why Asin is characterised so irritating? Why many many shits & shitty dialogues in many scenes?

Actually after the 1st 1 hour of movie I was expecting a very brilliant movie created in India so far, but the scripting followed which shows “foolishness” where a viewer expects “damn brilliance” KILLED everything.

Rating: 2.8/5


I will not recommend this movie if you are expecting a brilliant movie from Kamal. But still, you may watch if you are interested in watching the awesome start of the movie & 10 wonderful make ups of Kamalhassan. You can also enjoy some brilliant performances & action sequences which matches hollywood standards.