Preity Zinta During The IPL.. Lucky Punjab Kings eleven team mates!

Who willbe the luckiest team in IPL? No doubt it is the Punjab kings eleven,why? because of the hot bollywood actress Preity Zinta.Check out these photos from the IPl of preity.How much hugs are these hog getting? OMG Yuvraj got some hot kisses too.. Such a lovable girl! Sreesanth have straightened his hair ,might be to impress Preity!Irfan pathan also got a good hug from.More photos of preity Zinta from Ipl will be coming soon.Anyways who wins or loss,its is a feast to see the own bubbly Preity Zinta on screen,its very lovely to see her smile and rejoice.Another main attraction of Punjab 11 is Lalit Modi often called as the brain of ipl.

The IPL matches shows the close relation between The Bollywod stars and Indian Cricket team.Many stars like Shahrukh Khan,Shilpa Shetty,Juhi Chawla are in the battle.Shahrukh lost his match yesterday with his team kolkotta Knight Riders,Ganguly was gone for duck! Lets wait and see how this will be coming out in between Saurav and Shahrukh.

Shahrukh khan and Vijay malliya were the last years losers,lets wait and see whether they including Preity Zinta will become winners this year!