Roudram movie stills.

Jeeva’s new movie starring himself and Shriya Saran is about to release in the next month.The film is produced by R.B Choudhary(Jeeva’s father) under Super Good films banner.Preeti Jhangiani, Prakash Raj, Chaitanya Krishna, Jayaprakash, Babu Antony, Ganesh Acharya and so on goes the cast.
Babu Antony’s appearance and fight scenes are going to make this movie a visual treatment for the viewers.

Actor Jeeva said-“I Have no egos”

The famous actor Jeeva is now in the set of “Nanpan”(the tamil remake of 3-idiots).

He said while givind an interview to the media that nowadays all the heroes are acting without any enimity.

He himself has no egoes.