Kahani Controversy Time..

Now moving to blockbuster status, Vidya Balan starring Kahani is being unnecessarily hurdled into controversies . First it was with the Kolkata Metro rail authorities . They send a notice to Kahani Producer to remove a scene which shows Vidya Balan pushed infront of a running Metro train . Kolkatta Metro Rail authorities said that this scene would give negative aspects to the travelers about Kolkatta Metro Rail and this would bring suicidal tendency people to different methods using metro rail . Director has craped the idea ok Kolkatta Metro Rail corporation saying nobody would commit suicide watching his film . Another controversy is that Director has been accused of copying the climax of the film from an international flick that is of Angelina Jolie’s ‘ Taking Lives’ . Both the films climax have distant relations .This has forced critics to think so . But The Director had denied such facts . Anyway , the film is well received with audience and going strong in its third week.