Malayalam movie Katha Thudarunnu Review

After watching Kath Thudarunnu,I was felt that there’s some thing in all  Sathyan Anthikkad movies which soften your heart and bring out the humanliness in you.Katha Thudarunnu is  also a normal Sathyan Anthikkad movie which tells the story of VidyaLakshmi(Mamtha Mohandas) a widower trying to earn her livelihood,in to her life which other Characters(Jayaram,Innocnet,KPSC lalita) etc comes.

Katha thudarunnu

Katha Thudarunnu is a descent watch,which melts your heart and tunes your ear with good songs composed by ilayaraja.Coming to the performance side,Mamtha as the lead role delivered a stunning performance(best till her date) Mamtha also looked very elegant and beuatiful through out the movie.Asif Ali (Ritu fame) also did a fine role in the movie,hope Katha Thudarunnu will be  a break for him.While Looking Katha Thudarunnu from the humorous side ,you will be dissapointed as there’s not that much stuff to make you laugh till death.Katha Thudarunnu Video songs were posted before

All in all Katha Thudarunnu is also another fine movie from Anthikkad ,which has some humanism in it

Verdict : 3/5