Plans to remake Lankadahanam

Lankadahanam which was one of the biggest hits in the black and white era and in the carrier of Nazeer and Adurbhasi is to be remade . it was a detective story in which Nazeer and Adurbhasi tries to hunt down a notorious crime mafia . there were plans by Mlayalam studio to adapt into new age story , sources closes to film industry says . Negotiations are in progress to buy the rights of the film from the successors owners of film . As to now , no new details are available about who will be directing or sstarring . there is a recent trend in Malayalam film industry to remake the 80’s superhit films as there is lack of new ideas or concepts . recent remakes are being hit and this reveals that there is still audiences available for the remakes of old classic examples being Rathinirvedam , Nidra , Naalathamara etc ..