Madhurima hot new photoshoot

Madhurima is really one of the hot actress in telugu tamil movies.Some of her movies are Kadamai Kanniyam Kattupadu,Maricha,Chicha,Mahankali ,Mouna ragam etc.She looks very hot and here are some hot sets of pics of Madhurima.

Madhurima`s Stunning Looks In Blue

Madhurima Banerjee ,betterly known in film world as Madhurima is a well- known telugu actresses  who is a native of hyderabad and  started acting in a Government of India project ” Kadambarri ” as  a child artist at age of 14.

As heroine her first film was “Aa Okkadu ” pairing with young star Ajay.

Her major films are Mouna ragam , Alasyam amirtam .

Her new projects are Mahankali and Chicha , both in telugu.

Here are some stunning looks of her in blue….

Madhurima Looking hot in Saree

Madhurima is the newest sensation in telugu movies,she has done a bunch of telugu movies and her sweet smile and hotness have already made her top to the telugu movie industry.Lots of Madhurima photos have been posted.More madhurima movies are upcoming in telugu and fans are eagerly waiting,Madhurima videos will be uploaded shortly.Madhurima hot phoros in stripped sare.