Manmadhan Ambu Video Trailer and new photos

Manmadhan Ambu is the new movie of kamalhassan directed by K.S ravikumar.In Manmadhan Ambu which means cupids arrow in English,The character Man is done by kamalhassan and Madan is done by Madhavan.Manmadhan Ambu remembers the old hit combination of Ks Ravikumar and Kamalhassan which created Panchathanthiram and Thenali,Manmadhan Ambu will be an all in all comedy and will be releasing this Christmas.Trisha does the lead pair in the movies,Manmadhan Ambu videos,Manmadhan Ambu trailers.Songs of Manmadhan Ambu photos are done by Devishree Prasad.

Manmadhan Ambu the new Kamalhassan movie Photos

Manmadhan Ambu is the latest tamil movie of Kamalhassan,the meaning of Manmadhan Ambu is Cupids Arrow.The movie is directed by K.S Ravikumar who is he hit director of many Kamalhassan movies like Thenali,Panchathanthiram,Dasavatharam etc.Script is written by Kamalhassan and Crazy Mohan.Trisha does the lead role in this movie,Clearly Manmadhan Ambu is a movie about a lover and the girls around him.Manmadhan Ambu will be the next movie of Kamal after the mohanlal movie Unnai Pol Oruvan.Manmadhan Ambu will be releasing in december which will be the perfect time for release of such movies.R.Madhavan also does a main role in the movie,The music is done by Devi Shri Prasad.The exact release date is planned to be december 17.Here are some photos of Manmadhan Ambu .