Parvathy Omanakuttan in Billa 2 Stills

Billa 2 , Tamil movie directed by Chakri toleti . The film will have Thala Ajith Kumar in the lead role . Parvathy Omanakuttan is doing the heroine in the film . The film’s 1 minute promo has released today . The music aunch of the film is going to be on the coming week . Bill 2 is the prequel to the old superhit movie of Ajith’s Billa which released in 2007 . The film was a huge success at the box office . Billa 2 is now set to release on June . Parvathy Omanakuttan is the heroine in the movie . This is her first movie in her career . She has started her career through modelling and has became the miss india world in 2008 .

Death Defeating Stunts By Thala Ajith

Ajith aka Thala who is known for his perfectionism has proved it again that he is really the star of
masses.This time Billa 2 has managed to capture headlines by providing stills Ajiths death defeating stunt from a helicopter.A press release states that this is the first time a top indian actor is doing such risky stunts.The stunt was done in a flying helcopter includes hanging from the copter with only 1 hand holding onto the chopper and that too in minus 0 degree.The producers are pushing evrything in their hands for marketing . Earlier this month,its trailer crossd 8 lakh views in you-tube.The film is set to release coming june and its the much anticipated movie in tamil industry this year.

Billa 2 Movie Stills

Billa 2 is an upcoming tamil action thriller starring Ajith kumar in lead. This movie is the prequal to 2007 released Billa . The film is directed by Chakri Toleti . Producer of the film is Suresh Balaje ,
George Pius ,Sunir Khetrapal . The film release date is not fixed . The film will have a huge star cast . Parvathy omanakuttan , Bruna Abdullha , Vidyut jamal is doing the other important characters in the film.Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja .