Thala Ajith and Shalini Blessed with New Baby Boy – KuttyThala

News!! Thala Ajith and Shalini is blessed with baby boy. The social media started calling the new born with hash tage #KuttyThala! The tag is trending through out Twitter and other Social medias! The new born is Ajith Shalini couple’s second one. The birth time was 4.30 AM (2nd March). Mother and KuttyThala are doing fine. They have a 7 year old daughter Anoushka. The couple has not declared any name for the new born! We all are eagerly waiting for that. We wish Thala and Shalini all the goodness!

Ajitha Shalini New Boy - Kutty Thala

So that’s KuttyThala! You may see some other pics from hospital!

ajith_new_babyAjith Shalini New Boy

Shalini Ajith Photos during function

Shalini Ajith is now around age of 30,and still looks hot she might be doing good work out to look like this being a mother.These are some photos of Shalini ,the old tamil actress and malayalam movies who acted in bunch of mega hit films like AniyathiPravu,Alai payuthe etc.Trisha,Ajith and Sangeetha was seen along with Shalini in this function.These pictures were taken during the EA bridal party