Shankar with Chiyaan Vikram

After the super hit film Anniyan,shankar and vikram is going to join hands once again for an untitled project. Now a days this is the spicy topic of Kodambakkam. Aascar Films which has produced Anniyan is going to produce this film too.P C Sriram who has handld the camera for anniyan is also handling for this film.oscar winning south indian mozart A R Rahman will be composing the tones for the film. At a stage when everything was finalized, the heroine was
not singned . It is heard that the new sizziling sensation Samantha has
been signed to lead the female role . It is sure to bring another hit film under the combo of Shankar-Vikram- A R Rahman.The works on the film would be commenced soon.

Vikram looking stylish in new photoshoot.

Vikram after doing two roles simultaneously in Raavan and Raavanan as Dev Pratap Sharma and Veeraiya is looking forward to his new films and all.Its far been said that Vikram is doing a movie with should also be checked whether Vikram will be going to bollywood as Vikram’s Dev Pratap Sharma got wide appreciation in Bollywood,But vikram has already made clear that Tamil movies will be his field and will only do bollywood movies once he gets nice or promising roles,and he also said that he may give preference doing Malayalam movie rather than hindi movies.Here are new Vikram Photos