Tashu Kaushik- Tollywood New Beauty ..

Tashu kaushik is the new hot find in tollywood.

She  made her debut to high standard telugu movies through P. Bhanu Shankar directed ” Raju Maharaju “.In this movie, she pairs with one of leading actor in the telugu -sensation mohan babu. The reports says that the movie done  well in telugu box office and considered one of major hits of 2009 and she through her sizzling act had made her place in telugu films.

With the success of one movie, she now have a handful of movies. The main projects of taushu kaushik are

1)Graduate : with akshay and rithika sood

2) Dushasana : with srikanth and sanjana galrani

3)a youth comedy : Vykuntapali : with Ajay, subbaraju , Krishanundu

Here are some hot photos of tashu kaushik.

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  1. murthi January 8, 2011 / 6:56 am

    Very Nice Babby

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