Most awaited film of Mammooty and Suresh gopi , The King & The Commissioner is all set to release dis weekend in around 180 theatres. Film is directed by Shaji Kailas and written by Renj Panikar . The combined star power of both the stars would help the film to get a good opening . As this film is important for both the protagonists and its director because Mammooty has not able to deliver a major hit film in the recent years . After recent disappointments like August 15 , Doubles , Train , Bombay March , Venicile Vyapari , Shikkari Mammootty is waiting like a pheonix to hit back his critics with a hit . He is waiting to strike back as Thevalliparambil Joseph Alex , Collector in prequel film The King .Suresh Gopi whose stardom is slmost on the brink , who wants a major comeback is also looking forward to this film as Bharath Chandran is one character which helped him to revive in Malayalam Film industry back in 2006 .He hopes this time also , Bharath Chandran IPS would save his face . Shaji Kailas whose recent flicks were major disappontment in Box Office. He is also waiting for a blockbuster to buy back his credibility back in 90’s and early 2000 .

Sources from the film industry said that The King & The Commissioner is heavily packaged with actions and retro dialogues back from 90’s which can bring back waves again in theatres .There is heavy expectation from the fans of both the superstars as they want a hit from their dream stars .

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