Top 5 Funny Video Clips From Hollywood Movies

Hollywood is a place where the magic happens. It is where most of the iconic and memorable movies were produced by gigantic movie production companies. They have also produced some of the funny movies that will surely tickle your funny bone. Here are some of the funniest video clips from some notable Hollywood Movies.

1. Austin Powers: International man of Mystery

Mike Myers is a legend when it comes to creating parody scenes like what happened in the movie, Wayne’s World. However, one of the funniest video clips from a Hollywood movie would come from Austin Powers. It was that time when they were driving a very slow vehicle and the man in uniform is just refusing to get out of the way and just shouting continuously fearing that he might get hit by the slow vehicle.

2. Step Brothers

Will Ferrel and John Reily starred in the funny movie Step Brothers. The movie was a big hit and still one of the best comedy movies after many years. You might remember the movie because of the video clips of the “double deck moment”, when both of them are admiring the room then suddenly Will Ferrel decided to lay on the lower part of the deck. John Reily followed him by going to the upper deck. But as soon as he reaches the upper deck, the deck suddenly collapsed bringing the entire weight of the deck to the lower level where Will Ferrel is laying and then you can only hear shouting of Ferrel.

3. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Jim Carey has starred in some of the funniest and provocative Hollywood funny movies ever. He not only managed to make us laugh, but he made us think after watching the film. He is also much famous due to his unique funny acting style and face expressions. Whenever he performs in a movie the main thing which makes people laugh is his funny style of reacting and dialogues with his super funny face expressions. The most favourite funny video clip of him would come from the first part of Ace Ventura when he was inside the washroom and he was doing that funny walk while the 007 soundtrack is playing in the background.

4. Naked Gun 33 1/3

It was the most epic hostage negotiation ever between a member of the police squad and a terrorist. Leslie Nielsen figured out that since Fred Ward is the psychotic one, it only fits for him to have the envelope and Nielsen should have the gun. In a funny turn of events, the terrorist agreed to the notion of getting the envelope. Dumb video clip but funny.

5. Robin Hood: Men in Tights

In another comedy movie Men in Tights Mr Blinkin, the blind man, was up in a tree, and he was about to go down using a stair. Unfortunately, the make-shift stair fell down causing him to accidentally stumble down the tree. When he got up, he was surprised that he can see the dirt on his clothes. He was about to celebrate he realised that he can now see when he hit a massive tree causing him to lose his sight once more.

The list of the video clips above may be some of the dumb but funny moments in Hollywood. The people behind these funny movies are successful in creating the funniest moments that every generation will surely love.

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