Unnai pol oruvan Kamal Hassan and Mohanlal face2face

Unnai Pol Oruvan the latest upcoming flick directed Chakri Toleti is going high & high on expectation. Its not just because its a remake of the superhit Hindi film “A wednesday” but its being starred by two legends of world cinema – Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan. What should we expect when the emperor of tamil cinema and the his highness of malayalam cinema roars face 2 face on celluloid? well, we can expect miracles!

” A wednesday” was a superhit movie played by “Anupam Kher” and “Nazarudeen Shah” and both of them has shown justice to their roles. I must they have been awesome and they compete inch 2 inch. Now the difference is Anupam and Shah are not brand heroes of Hindi cinema industry, ofcourse they are great actors! but when the same role and character gets played by two branded heroes (that too talented like fish in swimming) we can expect something! and this expectation created the hype wave.

Hope both of them Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan will keep up to the pace! You can watch the trailer of Unnai pol oruvan below. This is not a full fledged one, its a trailer of Unnai pol oruvan released just before the start of shoot.

Cast And Crew

Director : Chakri Toleti

Cast : Kamal Hassan, Mohanlal, Nassar, Ganesh Venkatraman

Music Director : Shruti Hassan

Producer : Rajkamal Film International and Ronnie Screwala (UTV Motion Pictures)

Camera: Manoj Soni

Written by: Neeraj Pandey

Genre :Thriller

Releasing Date : July 4th

Watch the Trailer of Unnai pol oruvan below!

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  1. Sahadevan September 4, 2009 / 10:23 pm

    Anxiously waiting for the release, Unnaippol Oruvan.
    Universal Hero Kamal, The great Mohanlal can creat a History,
    Best of luck

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