Usthad Hotel Postponded

Anwar Rasheeds much anticipated movie usthad hotel has been shifted its release from may11 to may18th say unconfirmed reports.There are rumours that its been shifted to mid
june.Anyway it has not yet confirmed officially by the films spokesperson.its anwar rasheeds 4th movie aftr annan thampy in 2009.he has takn a 3 year break due of lack of gud scripts and new faces.the film stars dulqar salman as the lead.this is his 2nd muvie after second show which was a hit earlier this year.director immediatly selcted dulqar after seeing his perfomance in second show. It stars veteran actor thilakan as dulqars grandfather.the plot revolves around a hotel and the relationship between grandson and his grandfather.the story is set around a hotel in
kozhikode as mentioned in the title.

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