Vaaranam Aayiram – Review

This movie will add a “mix” of feelings in you! There are many reasons to hate this movie & @ the same time there are a lot to Love this movie too. The initial hype created about this movie was like a “movie wonder” but noo! Its not @ all a movie wonder but my hats off to SURYA– ofcourse Surya is a wonder in this movie! His dedication & passion to cinema is competing with that of Kamal Hassan or Tom Hanks. How he switched from one figure to other is amazing.

Surya plays a double role in the movie as Father & Son. In this movie he plays his Fathers life from 20 year aged college student (in the 1970’s) to an old man of age 60+ Similarly he plays role of a Son from young age 16 to a 30+ army officer. The way he switches from 1 figure to other (ages!) is just amazing.

Movie is all about a Father (Krishnan-name of character)-Son (Surya-name of Son character) relationship where the son refreshes his entire life from childhood to present sitting in an army helicopter,while flying for a mission.

Why the Movie is rocking ?

  • Excellent performance from Surya – Hats off -& is a dream role any actor wishes!
  • Superb love affair between Surya & Sameera Reddy
  • Good action sequence @ Delhi
  • Good shot song sequences especially “mundhinam” & “nenjukkal peidhidum”
  • Good use of locations!

Why not rocking ?

  • “Vaaranam Aayiram” is not made on a masala type scripting – it has many sequences that can happen in a mans life! This may have hurt many fans & ordinary movie viewers.
  • Its resemblance with Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump – people might say basic thread is inspired from this movie! But I dont think so!
  • Second half of the movie goes in a slow pace!
  • High expectations on Goutham Menon – this time he has not failed but theres no improvement & difference from his side.
  • Failed to connect sequences blended for a movie!

RATING: 3.5/5




After all this is a good movie to watch – especially the 1st half is great! The lack of proper blend & a powerful connection of script sequences might be the problem of cinema but all minuses of this cinema will be OVERSHADOWED by  SURYA’S LIFE TIME PERFORMANCES! (Goutham could have done that (scripted for a hit movie) though this is a story of himself & his father atleast to honour such a dedication from SURYA! – SURYA deserves a super hit)

2 Responses

  1. johncharath November 26, 2008 / 2:56 am

    Well even I feel that Surya was just excellent..But the movie just
    needed a better script.

  2. syam December 6, 2008 / 9:52 am

    ok according to me its an average movie………….but surya s acting is excellent.and harris jayaraj has done a wonderful job with the music………”nenjikkul peythidum”is a superb number…….and the 1 st half is really rocking but 2 nd half is much slow & fails to catch with the pace of previous half……..i would give 3/5……

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