Vadivelu’s Son Entering to Film Industry

Vadivelu is quiet famous as a comevadiveludian in Kollywood movies.He is recognised as one of the major comedian of Kollywood.Now his 23 year old son Subramani is also entering to the Kollywood film industry with glamour and his father’s name.Vadivelu was also eagerly waiting for his son for a big opening in film industry.He studied many stories for his son later fixed a good comedy action and romantic role for his son.He also said that his son will perform like an actor with certain romantic,action and comedy roles.Besides his father he will quiet known by a comedy actor  in the film industry.Subramani knows his father ruling the Comedy king of Kollywood in last ten or more years.Now he transfer his skills to his son Subramani.He eagerly awaits for a good opening in Film insutry

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