Vallavan- Tamil Movie Review

Reviewing Vallavan – The New Tamil Movie by Silambarasan

The Silambarasan-directed Vallavan lives up to its pre-release hype and hoopla. It bears the unmistakable signs of a hit.
But telling performances by Nayantara and Silambarasan save the film. Nayantara looks fetching and succeeds in emoting too. Of course, there is a regulation kissing scene as well for the benefit of the youthful audience.

Yuvans music is a major plus point of the film. Loose Penne and Vallava¬Ě are the pick of the lot. Priyan handles an excellent camera and Rajeevans artwork is commendable. Editor Antony could have done a better job because the film is too lengthy, 3 hours and 5 minutes.
Overall its an entertainer movie with some drawbacks. Length of movie is high and makes us boring. Then Direction is not pretty good, but we can forgive because its a debut attempt. Then Night scenes with Nayan Thara feels artificial. After all the very notorious french kiss scene with Nayan Thara was of Low class.

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