Varalaru-God Father Review

After the success of his dual roles in Valee, Ajit has reached yet another landmark in his career by playing three different roles in Varalaru. Director K.S. Ravikumar has presented this movie in his own style to the Tamil audience.

The story revolves around the three characters which Ajit has given life to and made them interesting. Ajit plays the roles of father and his twin sons, in a story that has lot of thrilling twists and turns which keep the audience glued to their seats.

Taking the advice of millionaire dad Sivashankar, (Ajit as the father), fun-loving son Vishnu (Ajit as the older son) who enjoys the good life in the city, moves to a village to help the people there and thereby make his life more meaningful. He meets a charming young girl Divya (Asin) and both fall in love with each other. Their love story reaches the stage of marriage with the acceptance of both the families.

The turn in the story comes through the 3rd character of Ajit. When the preparation for the marriage of Vishnu and Divya is on full-swing, Jeeva (Ajit as the younger son), who looks just like Vishnu, creates a ruckus in the well-planned marriage arrangements.

Sivashankar, physically challenged and in a wheelchair, thinks that Vishnu has caused this mess and is confused and ashamed of his sons act. When he realizes that it is Jeeva and not Vishnu behind all this, the story moves to Sivashankars pastĀ¦

Sivashankar, an exponent of Bharatnatyam, develops effeminate mannerisms due to his devotion to his craft. This sort of confusing body language becomes the reason for Siva not being able to find a bride to complete his life.

Finally, Kanikas character agrees to marry Siva, but only because of a picture shown to her, unknowing as she is of Sivas mannerisms. She walks out on him on the day of the wedding, infuriating the much-thwarted and rejected Sivashankar. In a flash of anger, passion and thirst for revenge, Siva seeks her out and forces himself on her.

Vishnu and Jeeva are the result of this unhappy union, where Vishnu gets taken away to be raised by Siva, unknown to him that another son is waiting to see the world just minutes behind Vishnu.

Is the blood thirst of Jeeva satisfied?

Do Vishnu and Divya finally join hands?

What happens to Siva and his relationship with his angry young son Jeeva?

What happens to Jeeva?

K.S. Ravikumar plays with the audiences minds and attention and the climax brings him much ovation from the audience.

The directors screenplay, the myriad emotions and roles of Ajit, the beauty of Asin all form a nice combination in the movie.

The big plus for the movie is the music, by young genius A. R. Rahman. The audience is pulled to the edge of their seats in last 45 minutes of the screenplay. Asin has done her part well. The entire movie has been shouldered by Ajit in his triā€œappearance as father as a dancer, his own sons Vishnu and Jeeva, whos personalities are as opposite as fire and water.

The comedy part of the movie is taken care by Ramesh Kanna and team.

Varalaru has taken a long time to release, but will be remembered long!


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