Cast: Bharat, Pasupathi, Bhavna
Director: Vasanthabalan  Production: S Pictures

S Pictures “Veyil” has a strong story line and will drench you with emotions!.Where does one begin? With the story which deals with natural emotions, the screenplay that helps the film glide past without a trace of boredom, the songs so intelligently placed that they take the story forward, the dialogue, the dialect so native to the soil or the folks who look so real? Vasanthabalan astutely packages all these in right proportions and serves them on a platter, for you to watch, admire and be moved.

As children, Murugesan and his young brother Kadhir are a very naughty twosome. The father catches Murugesan red-handed, when the boy is in the cinemas instead of attending classes. The punishment that the man metes out on the sensitive boy is so cruel that he flees home. But when the prodigal son (now Pasupathi) returns after nearly two decades, things are not the same at home. Kadhir’s (Bharat) affection alone keeps him going.

Be it a major or minor character, each is endowed with a unique trait in `Veyil.’ The agility, restlessness and short temper, which Bharat essays, evoke a smile. And the pranks of the boy, who plays Kadhir Junior, are adorable.Pasupathi has done is character well and even overshadows Bharath is some places with his acting skills. He is surely a better actor to watch for the future.

If the forlorn and hapless Murugesan makes your eyes moist, the credit goes to Vasanthabalan who has conceived the character, and Pasupathi who gives life to it. (Of course, sometimes his tears make matters melodramatic.) Seeing singer T. K. Kala as the mother of the two boys is a surprise  she comes across as a seasoned performer.

So does G. M. Kumar, the headstrong father who fails to understand a child’s psychology and ruins his life in the bargain.

Bhavana in a sweet, succinct role of a demure girl in love with Kadhir, debutant Priyanka, as Thangam, the desperate teenager who is willing to take the utmost step for the sake of her lover Murugesan, and the Sun (sometimes rain too) that stands witness to the agony and ecstasy of these folks, play their parts impressively.

Shriya Reddy’s shows lot of emotions and it gives shades of Thangar Bachan’s “Azhagi”.  Overall she has done well and has given good peformance, which began with “Thimiru”. G.V. Prakash has done a good job for a new comer and couldn’t believe he is the chikku bukku boy!

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