Vidya Balan Dirty Picture Dancing Photos

Its been a great controversy since the work of Drity picture has started.Dirty picture is the latest movie in bollywood directed by milan luthiria in whcih Vidya Balan does the role of Silk Smitha. Silk Smitha was a “glamour” actress of the 1990’s and she appeared in b-grade rolls usually. Her life was a dramatic one and she committed suicide out of chronic depression.

Admirers of silk smitha has come againts Dirty picture,which is set to release this week. Vidya Balan has taken a bold step in her career by deciding to portray Silk Smitha on screen. Silk Smitha had a mysterious life and this movie is definitely going to attract millions of audience to screens. In this gallery, enjoy Vidya balan dandig photos in Dirty picture.

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