Vijay Movie Sura Review

Sura the latest tamil movie of Vijay hit theaters last week,as usual Sura is also full of Vijay show offs,usual stunts dances,masala and an unwanted heroine.


Sura,the lead role is done by Vijay and the movie tells the story of fishermen in the area where Sura has some importance.

Sura might be an interesting movie to hardcore Vijay fans,as Dance moves of Vijay in Sura is appreciable.But unwanted Fight scenes,Dances and Tamanna as a forcefully additive stuff makes Sura Unwatchable to an ordinary movie watches who isnt a vijay fan.Anyways after Pokkiri Vijay hardly made a good movie.Vettaikaran was a Mess so is Sura.Anyways we should wait for the next movie of Vijay named kavalkkaran which is the remake of  malayalam movie Bodyguard,in kavalkkaran asin pairs Vijay.

Sura Verdict: 1.5/5  watch only if you are a hardcore Vijay Fan.

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