Vijay’s remake of malayalam movie Bodyguard titled Kavalkaran

Vijay  is remaking the malayalam hit movie Bodyguard of Siddique to tamil as Kavalkaran.And it will be the 51’th movie of Vijay.And Asin will be doing the role of  Nayanthara in Bodyguard.Even though Bodyguard wasn’t that success in malyalam,it had a good plot and could have been better so that director siddique who have made the hit movie Friends in Tamil(Vijay Suriya)(which was also the remake of his own Malayalam movie friends,and that movie raised the market of Vijay.)might rule out the drawbacks in Malayalam movie Bodyguard.In bodyguard dileep and Nayanthara did the lead roles.The climax of Bodyguard was very much unexpected and  little weird so that we should wait and know whether the climax will change in Kavalkaran or not.

Anyways the good news is the come back of Asin to tamil movies,and the 1st schedule of Kavalkkaran has been completed and will be released in no longer time than Sura(Which is the next movie Vijay).

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  1. Star Prabhu Roshi PDS June 30, 2010 / 8:14 pm

    Hai my dear hero no feel in SURA film flop next KAVALKARAN in very very successfull

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