Vikram photos from Kanthaswamy movie

Vikram & Shriya photos from the latest movie Kanthaswamy is added here.

After an incredible performance in “Anniyan”, Cheeyan Vikram is all set to bring a whole packge of action, romance, thrills and death defying stunts in his own and special style for his next movie “Kanthaswamy“. If you think of glamour in the movie, the first thing that comes to your mind is Shriya Saran. Lately there was an interview of Cheyaan Vikram with a media, where he revealed more news about Kanthaswamy. So, here are the latest details of Kanthaswamy revealed by Vikram himself.

  • “After the release I’ll have more girl fans!!”
  • “I knew the songs will be a big hit”
  • “I was inspired by James Bond”
  • Costumes are from Malaysia, Thailand, New York, Singapore and Italy
  • “I sung great songs for the movie”

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