Vimala Raman Old Photos and Pictures Collection

Vimala Raman- One of the celebrities who became popular within a short period.She came to industry through the mallu film TIME(2007) .As an early watcher of that movie I can say that the movie sucked totally but I felt some vibrations when she came into screen.I realised her screen presence and was in no doubt that she will be the future star!Anyway checking out her current postiton I can doubtlessly say that I was right!

Flash Back!

Vimala Raman was born as a typical tamil brahmin gal,educated in Australia.She did her degree from Australia and she also had much taste for Bharatanatyam.Later she entered modelling.And finally became Miss India Australia which led her into the great Cinema Industry!

The 5.6″ tall lady does yoga daily and takes great care in maintaining the body health and shape. In this gallery, we feature Vimala Raman old photos and pictures collection. Watch and share old photos, pics and pictures of actress Vimala Raman,

Currently Vimala has her own position in Mallu-Kolly industries.Presently she is doing Raman Thedia Seethai and Twenty20(Should wait and see whether it will release!) and from her official blog she says that she has also signed for another mallu movie named APOORVA.

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  1. stephen July 17, 2008 / 8:08 am

    nice photos

  2. vijayaselvam July 24, 2008 / 1:02 am

    Hi,i wish u success in ur career.thx

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