Vimala Raman Pics and Wallpapers Collection

First thing that comes to mind when I talk about Vimala Raman is her stunning looks. ┬áThere’s no doubt Vimala Raman will fly into the heart of any tom dick and harry with her looks! you doubt? Just have a look @ vimala raman photos and see what comes to your mind? Vimala raman came to industry by acting in malayalam movies. I think her first movie was Time with Suresh Gopi in lead role. Shes born in 1980 and brought up in Australia.Interesting fact is that mere just an actress, Vimala is a dancer! a great one who plays Bharatanatyam with passion. In an interview she said, “I started playing baratanatyam @ the age of 5!” not bad isn’t it? Vimala Raman also won Miss India- Australia title and it paved her way to the film industry.

Well, even 3 consecutive flops didn’t gave her a setback! Next item was with none other than legend of indian cinema Mohanlal. Film was “College Kumaran” directed by Thulasidas. Oh hell! even “Lal” couldn’t save Vimala raman from her fate! “college kumaran” turned out as one of the worst film in Mohanlal’s career. So whats next? man…this is really sth! here comes great Mammooty of malayalam cinema to save vimala raman! Movie is “Nasrani” with Mammooty in lead role, scripted by none other than “Ranjith” one of the most vibrant writers in malayalam and directed by veteran Joshy! lol! well bcz of vimala’s prayer or bcz of the heavy talents (Ranjith,Joshi and Mammooty) involved in Nasrani it got saved! I think producer got his money back!

Thats all abt the Vimala raman journey in malayalam cinema. Though all movies went flops, I must say “Culcutta News” was a hit movie with Dileep in lead role and Blessey as director. But Vimala raman was only a second heroine in the movie with lead role done in perfection by Meera Jasmine.

In Tamil she got a nice break with Cherans “Raman thediya seethai” which was an avg hit movie. Later she got many offer from Kannada and Tamil industry and i think shes getting up with her career. Despite movie she has performed numerous ads in television and for print. She was te brand face for “Bhima Jewellers” and “Dhina Soaps”.

In this gallery, we feature Vimala Raman Pics and Wallpapers collection sourced from different photo shoots and locations. Watch and share 6+ pics and wallpapers of actress Vimala Raman.

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