Vimala Raman was a dancer before becoming actress

You were knowing that? Our stunning actress Vimala Raman was a rated dancer back in her past,expecially in her teens. She started learning Bharatanatyam @ the age of 5! How sweet is that?  In 1991, she joined her current guru, Smt. Jayalukshmi Kandiah O.A.M and the Natanalaya Dance and Music Academy, based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated in the year of 2000. Vimala was a common presence in Natanalaya’s academic meets, annual competitions and cultural programmes. She was a part of “Kreeda” a dance production by the famous C.V Chandrasekar. She was also honoured by being invited to perform Ganesh Temple in USA. She’s still continuing her dance learning under Smt.Roja Kannan in chennai. She says ” More than an actress I would like to be known as a dancer who integrated the western and indian heritage” Her ultimate aim is to become the brand face of Indian’s in Australia. Let her dream come true!

You can see her latest photos below.

Vimala Raman photos :

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