Wedding Bells for Gopika

gopika-03-06-08-1_1212594031_largeSouth Indian actress Gopika is getting married on July 17.Dr.Akhilesh(Kerala) is the groom.Wedding will be held at St.Marys church Kothamangalam.The shocking news is that the very talented actress will stop acting after the marriage and will settle in Ireland! Actually, this gave me a small shock as mentioned above, I never thought that Gopika will be like Manju Varier,Samyuktha Verma,Renuka Menon and so on.It has been proved once again that the passion for acting is far less as far as women is concerned.Only a few women have much commitment to acting an example is Meera Jasmine(She has already said that she will be continuing her acting even after the marriage).Anyway we are losing one more actress who had a typical tamil face.Looking back, Girly Anto(Gopika) started with some flops later made lots of hits.Gopika was termed as an actress of GoodLuck! as most of her films became big hits(Autograph,4 the people ….)After Autograph she did many fims like Kana Kandein etc in tamil and Keerthichakra , upto Annan Thampi in malayalam.

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  1. Anoop July 27, 2008 / 2:55 pm

    hi chachi, keep on smiling tur ur life…

  2. Jeni March 3, 2010 / 11:02 am

    We are missing

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