Will Gautham Menon direct in malayalam?-An interview


Today i saw an iterview with gautham menon .Putting forward the major threads in the interview.For a change i ma putting this as if in the intervie itself that is as Questionare:

Whats Your connection with Malayalam?

I am a malayalee,My father is from kerala and Mother from TamilNadu.I am So lucky to have the mixture of both mallu and tamil culture.

When will you direct a Malaylam movie?

I planned to direct a movie with Mammotty some years before,but because of the date problems,it was dropped.

Apart from Suriya,Madhavan,SarathKumar whom all would you like to take movies?

I have an ambition to make movies with Rajinikanth,Mammotty,Mohanlal And Amitabh Bachhan.My upcoming project is with Mohanlal.

Why did you gave that negative Character fro Jyothika in Pachakili Muthucharam?

Acttually jyothika  is a good  friend of mine.I discussed the subject with her and said that there are two caharcters in the movie one positive and one negative.Choose the one you like.Jyothika read the script and called me saying that she wish to do the negative.

Your Movie songs are picturized wonderfully,What about the efforts taken?

Acually i dont preplan any of my songs.But its just happens .But I spent much time is picturising  Song.

Why a movie like Vettaiyadu Vilayadu,which haunts us when back from theater?

I  do subject with difference,I did lovestory Minnale,Then a Police story and the a story of Serial killer in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. And that  haunting was demanded.

Jyothika in next film?

She is now a wife and have a kid , going on with a busy home schedule ,I think she wont act at present.

Gautham menon is nit very talkative ,gave apt answers to the questions,lets hope for a best movie from him with Mohanlal

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